Preventative Maintenance Contract with us for all of your routine preventative maintenance, and your business gets the benefits of our preventative-maintenance management software.

With it, we can register every piece of equipment in your building, mechanical and non-mechanical alike. We can then keep track of that equipment’s maintenance needs (even remotely) and the frequency with which routine preventative maintenance should be performed.

Maintenance needs vary, of course, from one piece of equipment to another. So different schedules must be followed. Different replacement and repair parts must be ordered. Different temperatures, pressures, and other operating factors must be tracked. What’s more, you need to assess labor hours, personnel mileage accrued – anything that affects your bottom line.

Our computerized program lets us do all that for you:
  • develop a preventative maintenance profile of your building, including all of its systems and equipment
  • enter in the materials needed to do the routine preventative maintenance for a particular piece of equipment, so the maintenance technician has it on hand before he shows up
  • provide the maintenance technician with all the information to do the job right
  • group maintenance activities by type and by zone, then schedule the routine preventative maintenance out, allowing for your individual business schedule. That way, we don’t interfere with your customer traffic, special events, and other business activities.
  • adjust the routine preventative maintenance schedule easily if new factors must be taken into account –  say, if a filter doesn’t need changing as often because it doesn’t get as dirty as originally thought.
  • customize our billing to whatever your business requires.

We have a lot more to tell you about our customized routine preventative maintenance programs.

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