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New Customer
Maintenance Management has been contracted to maintain the 300,000 square foot, Citizen's Square building located at 200 E. Berry St.
Winter Weather Response
We maintain an inventory of electric heaters, propane heaters, pipe thawing equipment and generators for your needs during winter weather.
2011 Marks 28th Year in Business
Please join Maintenance Management in celebrating its 28th year in business during 2011. We gain more experience in maintaining complex commercial properties each year. If you are looking for an organization with knowledge of all your real-estate maintenance needs call us to handle your property operations.
Refrigerant Leak Detection
Our Service Technicians use the latest in refrigerant leak detection equipment. EPA regulations require that leaking systems be repaired and the cost of refrigerant has increased over the past few years. Finding leaks quickly is important.
GPS Equipped Fleet of Service Vehicles
Maintenance Management's fleet is now fully equipped with GPS sensors. In addition to knowing the location of our trucks for faster response, we can monitor gas mileage, maintenance, recall notices and driving speeds.
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