Energy Management Cost-effective energy management requires expertise not found in most companies. But you will find energy-management expertise with us.

We’ll help you make certain you’re on the correct utility tariff for gas, electricity, and water usage. Too often errors are made when a business’s utilities are being set up. There are options, after all. Should you be a primary user or a secondary user? Is one transformer the best way to power your building, or should there be several? Are you using a “deduct meter" for open-loop cooling-tower systems and lawn-sprinkler usage?

Consider also your lighting systems. Lighting has changed dramatically in recent years. Numerous options can be implemented now to cut your lighting costs without leaving you in the dark.

And what about natural gas? Have you considered storage and long–term, fixed-price options?

These and other energy-management issues are complex and need careful consideration. The good news is, it often costs little to address them effectively.

One excellent way to address your energy-management issues is to install a digital control system. Before you do, though, you need to properly review and evaluate every energy-management factor – power needs, utility usage, billing tariffs, demand billing, and whatever else confronts you.

With over 25 years of building maintenance and management experience, we’ve seen it all and can help make a difference. Call us today to discuss a full review of your energy-management needs.

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