Consulting We know what it takes to set up and operate a thorough, effective, cost-efficient maintenance management program. After all, we’ve been consulting with businesses and helping them do just that since 1983.

Business owners, business tenants, real-estate brokers, even architects and designers rely on our expertise. They want someone knowledgeable to take a look at their buildings and make a recommendation as to what maintenance-management program will best take care of them.

Our consulting process starts with an examination of a building, its equipment, and its systems – mechanical, electrical, and structural. We note what works and what doesn’t and why.

We talk with our clients, consulting with them on their operation schedules and any issues relevant to personnel and budget.

We then process this information, review it, and analyze it to find the best solutions.    And we then make our recommendations for...
Beyond consulting, we implement and execute our recommendations in ways other maintenance-management services can’t or don’t. Case in point: we handle energy management. In deregulated areas we can even broker natural gas, buying it in the summer (when it’s cheaper) at a fixed price that’s good for anywhere from one to five years. We can store as much as 20 percent of it for customers, too.

We know that most business people don’t fully understand the terminology of our trade, let alone the issues or the options they must navigate. Our consulting experts can explain what’s relevant and help create a maintenance management program that’s ideally suited to any situation.

Get the kind of maintenance management consulting and implementation you won’t find anywhere else:

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