Building Maintenance & Repair We provide full- and/or part-time maintenance personnel to handle all the day-to-day maintenance and repair your building needs. They’re professional, too. You can count on them being fully trained and fully equipped.  

To make sure they understand your needs, we cross-train our staff on your property. The added advantage of that is, you’re never without a building “maintenance man,” never at the mercy of vacation schedules, illness, injury, or someone who just up and quits.

With us aboard you’ll have no worries. We take care of the necessary building maintenance and repair, including equipment needs, insurance, and any training – not to mention the huge liability that comes with maintaining your building. We provide it all.

Setting up a comprehensive computerized building maintenance schedule is just the first step to handling routine needs.

We’ll perform the vast majority of your building maintenance and repair tasks. For those few, specialized tasks we can’t perform, we have the contacts – trusted, qualified, fully insured contractors – who can handle them quickly and effectively.

Remember: One Call Does It All. We’ll show you how our services free you to focus on your business objectives instead of the daily routine of building maintenance and repair.

Contact Maintenance Management by email, or call us at 260.483.3123.